admission procedure

Our admission procedure

What are the types of forms ?

The schools provide the students with a number of different facilities on the school premises.
For these facilities, the students need to fill up the varied forms for the same.
The different types of forms that are drafted by the schools are

1. Admission form
2. Fee Collection Forms
3. Event Registration Forms related to various school even

The is a precise format of the applications forms which include the basic and other drafted specific data of the candidate.  The content of the form should include the following.

1. Picture of the candidate,
2. Name of the candidate,
3. Father’s name of the candidate,
4. Mother’s name of the candidate,
5. Guardian’s name and relation to the candidate,
6. Caste/ religion of the candidate,
7. Nationality of the candidate,
8. Mother-tongue of the candidate,
9. Address of the candidate,
10. Highest academic qualification of the candidate